Monday, February 01, 2010

I Understand There's A Football Game Next Weekend?

Now that Pro Bowl mania has abated, I suppose it's time to turn our attention to the Super Bowl. I'm going to start with a brief comment on something Peter King wrote about in his "Monday Morning Quarterback" column this morning. Peter is a strong advocate of a new overtime system, one that would allow both teams to have at least one possession. He writes about the topic again today, but manages to come up with an eye-rolling statement:

One more thing: I knew the winner of the coin clip in New Orleans in the NFC Championship Game would win the game on the first possession. In the stadium, you could just feel it. It was a rock-'em, sock-'em-robot kind of game, and the two teams were absolutely spent by the end of regulation.

I'm not saying that King didn't actually think this upon the end of regulation. But it's a silly thing to say, once the outcome is well known. Not the best form to write about your prediction, unless you've put it on the record beforehand.

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Craig said...

And I would add that I am sure King was certain the winner of the coin flip in the Arizona-Green Bay overtime would also be the winner of that game. Except, it wasn't!