Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quick Idol Thoughts

The top story of the week is that Ellen DeGeneres is a great addition to the show. Now, I can actually imagine that the show could survive without Simon.

Second, Ellen's success only points out the complete uselessness of both Randy and Kara, especially the latter. And I almost had to run for the bathroom when that one contestant brown-nosed her way to the next round by singing a Kara Dioguardi song.

And finally, not a single contestant really jumped out at me, except in a bad way. But then, they showed so little of their performances, perhaps that isn't a big surprise.


ByJane said...

It is interesting how she's integrating with the group. I wonder if the little face time Kara and Randy are getting--which makes them seem incidental to the other two--is a function of AI's wanting to promo the hell out of Ellen. I too can now see a show with Simon gone...but Howard Stern???? Oy!

Jeff said...

Agreed...Howard Stern is not the guy!