Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The World's Most Dangerous Super Bowl Quiz

Good luck!

Part One: Coaches

1. For one point each, match the following Super Bowl coaches with the college where they were head coach prior to becoming an NFL head coach:

1. Marv Levy a. Miami
2. Barry Switzer b. Stanford
3. Bill Walsh c. UCLA
4. Dick Vermeil d. Oklahoma
5. Jimmy Johnson e. Cal

2. For one point, identify the first coach to be doused in Gatorade following a Super Bowl victory:

a. Tom Landry
b. John Madden
c. Tom Flores
d. Bill Parcells
e. Bill Cowher

3. Prior to becoming a head coach, two Hall of Fame, Super Bowl-winning coaches were colleagues on an NFL Championship team – one was the offensive coordinator, one was the defensive coordinator. For two points, identify the coaches. For one point, identify the team.

4. For three points: Identifying the pattern below, fill in the blank.

Don Shula…Jake Scott
Chuck Noll…Franco Harris
Bill Walsh…Joe Montana
Joe Gibbs…John Riggins
Jimmy Johnson…_________

5. For one point each, identify the Super Bowl coaches who wore a tie on the sidelines.

Part Two: Venues

6. For three points: Who am I?

I am among the stadiums demolished after hosting a Super Bowl. However, I am unique, in that a brand-new stadium was built on exactly the same site. Which stadium am I?

7. For one point each, provide each name of a stadium located in Miami that has hosted the Super Bowl. Hint: a single stadium can have more than one name.

8. For two points: Who am I?

I have the distinction of being the stadium which hosted the Super Bowl with the lowest attendance. Which stadium am I?

Part Three: Announcers

9. For one point each, match the Super Bowl play-by-play announcer with those who served as their color commentators:

1. Pat Summerall a. Al DeRogatis, Kyle Rote, John Brodie, Don Meredith

2. Al Michaels b. Merlin Olsen, Bob Griese, Bob Trumpy, Phil Simms, Paul Maguire

3. Curt Gowdy c. Frank Gifford, Dan Dierdorf, Boomer Esiason, John Madden, Cris Collinsworth
4. Frank Gifford d. Tom Brookshier, John Madden

5. Dick Enberg e. Don Meredith, Joe Theissman

Part Four: Players

10. For Five Points: Identifying the pattern, fill in the blank:

Jack Dolbin…Haven Moses
Mark Seay…Tony Martin
Frank Pitts…Otis Taylor
Dennis McKinnon…_________

11. For three points: Who am I?

I played in a Super Bowl, and was an actor in the film which inspired Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds.” Who am I?

Part Five: “Because I Can”

12. For one point each, match the Super Bowl with the #1 song that week on the Billboard
Hot 100.

1. Super Bowl XXIX a. “You’re So Vain,” Carly Simon
2. Super Bowl II b. “Let Me Love You,” Mario
3. Super Bowl XXXIX c. “I Heard It Through the Grapevine,” Marvin Gaye
4. Super Bowl VII d. “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You,” Michael Bolton
5. Super Bowl XXIV e. “Creep,” TLC

14. For Seven Points: Identifying the pattern below, fill in the blank:

George Burns…New York Giants
Irma Thomas…San Francisco 49ers
Travis Tritt…Dallas Cowboys
Judy Mallett…_______________

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