Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Wonderful Night for Oscar

I would have done a live-blog, but I was watching the show over at my folks' house, which is wi-fi free. But I took notes (and, I won the contest at their party!)...

Let me start by saying that overall, I thought this was one of the best Oscar shows in recent memory. I've read some live-blogs since I got home, and I'm discouraged to see the level of cynicism that seems to have prevailed. To which I would say, if you're going to get cyncial, get cynical about the national political scene or the California gubernatorial race. Enjoy the Oscars, damn it!

So, on to the notes:

- Nice job by Neil Patrick Harris on the opening.

- Not a single political joke in the opening, which must set some sort of record. But it's a good trend, although I imagine that there are many folks who will use this as just another example of the Hollywood community being a bunch of fascist liberals. Yeah, well, get a life.

- For the most part, we were back to "and the winner is..." as opposed to "the Oscar goes to..." Another good trend.

- Nice tribute to John Hughes, although the clips were a little herky-jerky.

- Showing the screenplay on the screen while showing a scene from the movie? Doesn't work for me, especially when the words you hear spoken are different from the words on the screen.

- If you're going to show a series of clips from horror films to make the point that horror films don't win Oscars, you probably shouldn't show clips from films that actually won Oscars.

- As opposed to the gimmick for screenplay, the gimmick for the sound categories actually worked very well.

- Ron Silver died? Man, I totally missed that one. I feel like an idiot, because I really liked Silver.

- The dancers on the original score presentation? I hate to say this since my brother teaches dance at a university, but that was probably the lamest moment of the show.

- Sandra Bullock's lipstick was really red. I kinda liked it, but the rest of the crowd I was with did not.

- Earth to Sean Penn...want to try that one again?

- I liked the way they did the Best Actor and Actress categories this year, with folks doing the tributes to the nominees. Seeing the tears run down Gabourey Sibide's face was one of those authentic moments that allow you to set aside your cynicism for the moment.

- "I Am Woman" after Kathryn Bigelow's win? Puh-leeze.

- Man, Tom, that was fast...

All in all, a good show. But what was up with the lampshades?


Steph said...

I liked the show, too. No surprises. I liked Sandra's lipstick. She pulled it off. Was it the documentary Oscar that the woman completely cut off her co-winner in the middle of his touching moment? Weird.

Jeff V said...

Yes, you're right...that was very odd. To be honest, I wasn't really sure who she was.

Another thing I forgot...Miley Cyrus has terrible posture (setting aside entirely the question of why she was even there).