Thursday, April 08, 2010


I'm always somewhere between bemused and horrified at the way that some people treat their small children at airports.

For instance, sitting across from me right at this moment are two young mothers, each with a toddler in the 1-2 year old range. Both of them are acting up, because what they really want to do right now is push their strollers around like a couple of little madmen. That would be the bemused part.

The horrified part is that both of the mothers seem to be under the illusion that the way to get their boys to quiet down is a combination of squeezing and talking at them with a stern voice. Predictably, this is having the exact opposite effect of what they intended.

The really bad news is that I'm pretty sure they're on my flight, a non-stop to Chicago. The good news is that they will likely be allowed on the plane before everyone else, which will allow me (with my "A" boarding pass) to choose my seat strategically.

Such is the life of the traveler, I suppose.

UPDATE: Another tip - trying to stuff the bottle into the boy's mouth? That isn't going to work either.


Bossy Betty said...

Looking forward to the post-flight report....

Jeff V said...

I'm pleased to report that the aforementioned toddlers were NOT on my flight, but the world's best baby was. Her name was Elizabeth, she couldn't have been more than 6 months, and she spent the entire flight smiling and cooing at everyone sitting around her. By the end of the flight, all of the flight attendants wanted to adopt her.