Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Night in Chicago

"Endgame," by Samuel Beckett, at the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, starring William Petersen.

The one-act play is bleak, and open to many interpretations, as was made clear in the "study discussion" which took place after the performance.

From Wikipedia, the synopsis:

The protagonist of the play is Hamm, an aged master who is blind and not able to stand up, and his servant Clov, who cannot sit down. They exist in a location by the sea, although the dialogue suggests that there is nothing left outside—no sea, no sun, no clouds. The two characters, mutually dependent, have been fighting for years and continue to do so as the play progresses. Clov always wants to leave but never seems to be able. Also present are Hamm's legless parents Nagg and Nell, who live in rubbish bins downstage and initially request food or argue inanely.

The cast was uniformly good, and it was very interesting to see Petersen "up close and personal," after having seen him only on the silver and small screens.

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