Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beam Me Up!

I'm home today preparing for a couple of "things you have to do after you turn 50" procedures that are happening tomorrow, and just saw part of an old "Star Trek: TNG" episode from the first season.

Man, it was bad - and not just bad, but so bad that it's kind of amazing that they allowed the show to continue after efforts like this one. It was set on a planet where all the women looked like Bo Derek and all the men looked like a blonde Adonis, and the story had to do with Wesley being sentenced to death for stepping on a flower. Exciting stuff.

The acting was bad (well, Patrick Stewart was OK, but the rest were just plain awful), the writing was bad, the directing was bad, and the costumes were bad.

I'm just guessing that this episode was filmed well before either Ron Moore or Brannon Braga joined the writing staff.

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le0pard13 said...

Yep, there were plenty of clinkers from TNG (I've been picking them off again recently from re-runs on WGN). I used to love that show when it was first run. Luckily, it got better (and some were clearly in the great category). Thanks, Jeff.