Monday, May 24, 2010

That's A Wrap

A few weeks ago I called the final season a train wreck. And while it certainly had its share of ridiculous moments, I have to admit that it was somewhat redeemed by the final few episodes, which featured Jack Bauer falling way off of whatever moral compass he had left - killing people in cold blood, torture that went beyond anything he'd done before, and generally wreaking havoc on anyone who dared to cross his path.

Tonight's finale wrapped up things about as neatly as one could imagine. President Taylor finally did the right thing, President Logan finally took the bullet he's so richly deserved for so long (alas, it did not come from Jack's gun), and Jack himself finally remembered that there was more to what he was doing than just revenge for Renee's death. But perhaps most importantly, Chloe got to be the person who saved Jack.

And Jack got to live. No happy ending, but as good as he could hope for. All in all, it was a great ride.

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Andrea said...

I've never felt so bad for my daughter than when she realized that she messed up her dad's recording of the final episode of 24. At least she fessed up with an hour left. I cringed hearing her get lectured, I have to admit she took it like a man. He finally got over it when he realized he could watch the first hour on the computer.