Wednesday, June 30, 2010

50 for 50: The Movies: #49, "Four Weddings And A Funeral"

That my tastes in movies is wide and varied should be evident by my pick for #49, “Four Weddings and a Funeral.” I’m not sure you could find two movies less alike than “Four Weddings” and “Se7en,” but it would be difficult for me to have to choose between the two.

On the one hand, “Four Weddings” is as light as air, but on the other, it is that rare movie that accomplishes everything that it set out to do. It’s hysterically funny, it’s well-written, it’s well directed, and it features a host of excellent performances from a cast that has terrific chemistry with each other. In fact, the worst chemistry in the whole movie is probably between Hugh Grant and Andie McDowell, and the story ostensibly is about the two of them.

But it really isn’t; the story is really about friendship and the bonds that people forge as the years pass. When I watch “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” these seem like real people to me. None of them are perfect, but all of them are real.

There are any number of laugh out loud scenes in the movie – but this is probably the most famous:

But in addition to those moments, there are many great “small moments” as well, usually involving the circle of friends. Glances, quick conversations, simply the way they act around one another. The relationship between Hugh Grant and his brother is a particular highlight.

Directed by Mike Newell, and starring Hugh Grant, James Fleet, Simon Callow, John Hannah, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Charlotte Coleman and Andie McDowell.

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le0pard13 said...

There are not many films my wife and I agree upon as film favorites. This is one of them. Good choice, Jeff. Thanks.