Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Thrill of Victory

With another hat tip to Steven Rubio.

Every now and then, I wonder why I watch sports. My mom once said of me, "if they keep score, Jeff will watch it."

I'm not a huge soccer fan, though I've watched every World Cup closely (if not religiously) since 1982, the year that Italy and Brazil played one of the great matches in history - unfortunately, it was in the quarterfinals.

But this video - and the hundreds of others like it - get to the core of why people watch sports, and why I watch sports. Unless you're lucky enough to be a fan of a team like the Yankees or the Lakers, the bottom line is that you're going to lose most of the critical games/matches that you watch in your lifetime. But you live for moments like these. This is like Big Game '82 for me...the moment that you let all your inhibitions down, and just revel in the success of the team that you're rooting for.

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