Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Midsummer Night's Thoughts

Tonight, we got to visit with friends; a friend (and his family) I've known since seventh grade - when we held up a "McGovern for President" sign during a school rally just before the 1972 election. It was a wonderful night; and a nice respite from the last three weeks - a time that has been perhaps the most difficult of my life, but one which I may never write about. No one died, and there has been a good amount of heroism. That's about all I should say at the moment.

Meanwhile, life goes on. We loved "Inception," which I will write about eventually. The new M.I.A. album jumps out of the speakers like nothing else in the last few years (since the last M.I.A. album, perhaps). The Giants are on a tear, and look like they just might take over the National League West. They seem to do much better when I'm not paying attention.

Life goes on.

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