Sunday, July 11, 2010


We (sons and I) knew from the moment we first saw the trailer for "Predators" that we'd be going to see the movie. We all agree that the original "Predator" is a great movie; a testosterone festival for the ages - plus, how many movies can you think of that starred two future governors?

While the new flick doesn't have any single scene that rivals the Schwarzenegger-Carl Weathers handshake for pure manly awesomeness, it is well worth seeing. If a movie like "Predators" is your cup of tea, that is.

The premise is simple - a group of warriors of different nationalities and backgrounds finds themselves landing in an unknown piece of forest, and it doesn't take them long to realize that they're the prey, for a change. You've got your soldiers, you've got your bad guys, you've got your psycho, and you've got at least one surprise (sadly, I was the only one in my family dumb enough not to figure it out). And then as an extra added bonus, you've got Laurence Fishburne having a great time playing a dude who's been stranded in the game reserve for just a little too long.

The movie is smart enough not to take itself seriously, and includes a couple of clever homages to the original film - one, where Adrien Brody quite consciously adopts a very Schwarzenegger-like pose, mud and all. He obviously worked out quite a bit for this movie, but still - Arnold he is not, and you're meant to chuckle when you see the comparison. And in one of the movie's best scenes, what I would call the "tribute to Billy," we get to see what actually happened when the "mystic samurai warrior" in the group held back in order to allow his comrades to get further along on their journey.

It's not going to get nominated for any awards, but "Predators" is a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


le0pard13 said...

Great that you got to see and review it, Jeff. My teen son and I watched that great original last night on Blu-ray Disc. It is indeed an awesome, manly movie. We'll be going to new the new film, shortly. Thanks for this.

#167 Dad said...

nice review. i'll have to check it out - with my kids of course.