Saturday, November 27, 2010


Yes, I know that doing anything to support Mel Gibson in this day and age is not popular. But I don't think that adding "Apocalypto" to the Netflix queue is going to make the difference between making or breaking Mr. Gibson.

It's an odd film, and I doubt that it would have gotten made had it not been for Gibson's previous success as a director. I don't recall that people were clamoring for a movie about the Mayan Civilization, with subtitles, and featuring a group of actors that no one had ever heard of.

"Entertaining" may not be the word for a movie this violent, but "Apocalypto" is never less than interesting. I have no idea whether it is accurate in its depiction of the Mayans, but I'm not sure whether that really matters in the consideration of whether it is a good film. The parts that got the most publicity for being disgusting are indeed disgusting, and the extended chase scene which comprises the film's final act is as exciting as everyone said it was. And the final scenes of the "visitors" coming on to shore, while entirely predictable, do pack a bit of a punch.

So, a mixed bag.

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