Monday, November 01, 2010

World Champion San Francisco Giants

It just sort of rolls off the tongue.

This may have not been the best team in San Francisco Giants history, but it will now always be remembered as the greatest team in San Francisco Giants history.

Aubrey Huff.

Freddy Sanchez.

Juan Uribe.

Edgar Renteria.

Pablo Sandoval.

Andres Torres.

Pat Burrell.

Cody Ross.

Buster Posey.

Aaron Rowand.

Nate Shierholtz.

Travis Ishikawa.

Tim Lincecum.

Matt Cain.

Jonathan Sanchez.

Madison Bumgarner.

Jeremy Affeldt.

Santiago Casilla.

Guillermo Mota.

Ramon Ramirez.

Sergio Romo.

Brian Wilson.

Javier Lopez.

Mike Fontenot.

Barry Zito.

Bruce Bochy.

On July 4, this team was 41-40. They always had a great pitching staff, but something began to happen in the summer and it carried on throughout the fall. It may have been often was torture...but with a pitching staff like that, the Giants were almost always in every game.

From the time the playoffs began, I had a feeling this was the year. THIS was the team that was going to bring the trophy to the greatest city in the world. A team with a bunch of characters; a team with a bunch of castoffs. Guys that you had yelled at in August and September? Those were the same guys who came through in October.

Anyone who knows me knows what a huge sports fan that I am. I've been lucky; there have been a lot of great moments along the way. But I'm not sure I've ever felt exactly like I did when Edgar Renteria hit that 3-run home run. The only thing that comes to mind is Joe Montana to Dwight Clark, against the Dallas Cowboys in January 1982.

World Champion San Francisco Giants.

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