Thursday, December 09, 2010

Will He Or Won't He

Now that the second annual Urban Meyer retirement festival is almost complete, we can now turn our attention to the other pressing matter of the football day - is this finally it for Brett Favre?

Finally, the obvious answer seems to be yes. As beat up as he is right now, and given the fact that the Vikings are playing for nothing but pride for the rest of the season (and Leslie Frazier's job, which seems to be secure right now), it's incomprehensible that anyone would even contemplate Favre returning for another season.

And so what hath Brett wrought with his ongoing "will he or won't he" soap opera of the past few years? At this point, as awful as I think the whole escapade was, I doubt it will matter much. The fact that it is not ending well for Favre will probably even allow him to regain some of the fans that he lost with his behavior over the past few off-seasons. The sexual harassment issue appears to be be going away (and please don't interpret that as commentary on the justice or injustice of that), so I imagine that within a season or two, we're going to see Favre running onto Lambeau Field, to tumultuous cheers, to receive some sort of award or other.

It's not the script I would have written, but then again, it wasn't up to me.

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