Sunday, January 23, 2011

Conference Championship Predictions

Packers 27, Bears 17. You probably won't hear many Packers fans talking like this, but in case you missed it, the game Aaron Rodgers played last week was better than any game that Brett Favre played for the cheeseheads. The Pack is on a roll, and even though they're on the road in difficult conditions - and in the biggest rivalry in the game, to boot - I don't see them dropping this game.

Steelers 21, Jets 17. I really, really don't know about this one. What I can say is that I have the same feeling about the game that I had about a game played between Denver and Cleveland way back in 1987 - and that one turned out to be a classic for the ages. The Jets could just as easily prevail - but whatever happens, the score will be close. I'm picking the Steelers because I loved the way they climbed out of a hole last week against a very, very good Baltimore Ravens team.

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