Wednesday, January 26, 2011

View From My Pillow

In the background is Sophie, who is almost 16 years old now but still going strong. In the foreground, refusing to look at the camera, Scooter, who is a little over 6.

When the weather turns cold, they turn to sleeping on me at night. And for some reason, only me.

Have you ever tried to turn over in the middle of the night with 24 pounds of cat sleeping, either between your legs or on your butt?

I thought not.


Lori said...

hahaha, I know this sense. And, how about carefully and awkwardly extracting an arm or leg so you don't disturb that napping cat? My current cat will only sleep next to me, but my favorite Bud used to sleep on me. More delightfully, he would touch my eyes and nip my nose and when he knew that I was waking up, just to let me know that he had seen me awake and needed me to quit fooling around. I cherish those memories.

Jeff V said...

Oh, I know that feeling as well...Scooter is very good in the morning, patiently waiting for us to get up, but Sophie stirs from the moment that the first light hits the sky, wanting breakfast and a drink of water.