Friday, February 11, 2011

American Top 40 Flashback - "You"re No Good"

One thing is for certain - this has one of the oddest introductions I've ever seen.

Odd trivia - for Christmas in 1974, I got a really nice clock radio. On the first day of school after the holidays, the song that came on when the alarm went off was this one. Now, don't ask me how the hell I remember that; I just do!

This was Linda Ronstadt at her best, and may have been her best song. "You're No Good," the #1 song in the country this week in 1975.

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Andrea said...

I was in middle school at that time. Durning lunch on Fridays they would play records in the quad. My friends thought it would be funny to dedicate a song from me to a boy I had a crush on. I got back a them by dedicating "You're No Good" to them. I still think about this whenever I hear the song.