Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Stuff

A few things percolating in my head at the moment, but while we wait for those to come to fruition, some recommendations:

The Iranian Film Blogathon over at Sheila O'Malley's site. Even if you've never seen an Iranian film (and I freely admit that I have not), this is worthwhile reading.

Ken Levine has a special guest Presidential blogger in honor of the day.

Michael J. Totten has re-posted the chronicle of his trip to Libya a few years back. A must read for anyone interested in freedom and liberty.

Trying to follow what's been going on in Wisconsin? Ann Althouse has been on site and reporting.

And of course, no set of recommended links would be complete without at least one from Joe Posnanski. Today, Joe talks about what a drag it is getting old.


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