Wednesday, April 06, 2011


If an alien had arrived on Earth just in time to watch the men's and women's NCAA Championship basketball games, there's little doubt that they would now be saying to themselves, "ah, so it is the women who understand how to play this game."

I don't want to say that the UConn-Butler game was the worst basketball game I've ever seen...well, yeah I do - that was the worst basketball game I've ever seen, and remember that I've been going to Sacramento Kings games for the past 26 years. What we saw that night will now forever be known as "Butler's Disease," best described as a superhuman ability to avoid making baskets. And truth be told, I didn't think their screens were so hot either.

But it's hard to feel really bad for them - two straight finals? BUTLER? That's got to be one of the more amazing sports stories of our time.

The women's game was good and exciting, and even though I was rooting for the Irish, I enjoyed it a lot more than the game the night before. And it was nice to see someone other than UConn, Stanford or Tennessee in the final.

And so ends another season of the endless season, which begins before Thanksgiving and ends right around Easter time. And don't forget, we can't have a college football playoff because it takes the players out of the classroom for too long a time. Huh?

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