Friday, June 17, 2011

American Top 40 Flashback - Fleetwood Mac

Most of what you read about this song these days is along the lines of "Dreams" hit #1, but "Go Your Own Way" was the truly great song." And I agree with that. In fact, I think I may have written that myself at one point or another.

Having said that, when it comes to hit singles, you could do a lot worse than "Dreams." Neither Stevie Nicks nor the band should be embarrassed that this was the biggest hit off of one of the greatest albums of its era.

And in the obscure trivia that no one cares about department, this song was also #1 during the week that my family took its semi-annual Disneyland vacation in 1977. For those keeping score, during that trip we also visited the Queen Mary and Universal Studios. I even got pulled on stage in the audience-participation section of their "Six Million Dollar Man" show.

"Dreams," Fleetwood Mac, the #1 song this week guessed it, 1977.

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