Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bruce and Clarence

What you hear in this clip is a recording from one of the shows that Bruce performed at the Shoreline Ampitheatre in Mountain View, in May 1988. I was lucky enough to be at one of those shows, and it just might have been the best Springsteen Show I ever saw. Of course, at one time or another, I've probably said the same thing about all of the Springsteen shows that I've seen.

But this may have been my favorite Bruce/Clarence moment. After Clarence plays the opening sax solo, the two of them sat down at a park bench, and then you hear Bruce talking...and eventually, that leads (although you have to go to Part 2 of the clip to hear it) into "All That Heaven Will Allow," from the "Tunnel of Love" album.

It's probably not a song that anyone would rank in their top 10 all-time favorite Bruce songs, but it demonstrates the beauty of the relationship, and how often Bruce used Clarence as the perfect foil in his shows.

No doubt, Bruce will give great shows for years to come. But somehow, it won't seem quite the same.

Big Man, we'll miss you.

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