Thursday, June 30, 2011

"The Emancipation of Talent"

SI.Com's Zach Lowe has a post up today that provides a behind-the-scenes look at how "The Decision" came together, almost a year ago now. When I first read it, I couldn't get past this comment from Mark Dowley, former partner at the William Morris Endeavor agency:

Ari Emanuel [co-CEO of William Morris] called me and said, “What do you think of the idea of doing the show?” And I really liked it. I like the whole notion of the emancipation of talent. ..."

The emancipation of talent? Is that really what "the decision" was all about?

Wiktionary defines "emancipation" as follows:

"The act of setting free from the power of another, from slavery, subjection, dependence, or controlling influence."

Again, I ask: Is that really what "the decision" was all about?

At this late date, I really did not think it was possible to make the pitiful charade known as "The Decision" look any worse.

But it looks like I was wrong.

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