Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Finals

After four games, I’d say that this series has a chance to go down as one of the greatest in NBA Finals history. What happens in the last next 2-3 games will go a long way towards determining that, but right now I can’t remember a series since the 2002 Western Conference Finals where every game has been so nerve-wracking. Last night’s game was a perfect example – it was a classic game of runs, with both teams struggling to impose their will on the other – and, for the most part, failing to do so. The ultimate story of Game 4 was Lebron’s disappearance from the ranks of the scoring, and now there is a pressure on his shoulders that few athletes in the history of the sport have felt.

Objectively, there seems little doubt that Miami is the stronger team. If their superstar triumvirate is hitting on all cylinders, it is really hard to beat them. So far, Dallas has done a great job of neutralizing Lebron, and if they continue to play defense like that, they have a shot. Both teams will be playing Game 5 as if it were for all the marbles, because in a sense it is. From this point on (and even before last night’s game, for that matter) it’s “must-game city” for the Mavericks, because I can’t imagine them being able to win 2 in Miami.

I still think Dallas can win this thing. We’ll know for certain after tomorrow night.


ringer37 said...

Think you're right, this series could be one of the best. Can't wait for game 5 tonight! Very curious to see if Lebron actually steps up and does something this game, after he's been getting ripped on so much because of his lack of effort in game 4. Hoping to see another great game with the Mavs coming out on top!

-zach @ the fat burning furnace blog

Fix Your Credit said...

Awesome! It’s like I don’t wanna blink my eyes for this game. It’s really fun watch NBA games, as always.

Save On Anything said...

The contrast between LeBron James having left the team that helped bring him to greatness in search of more money, and Dirk Nowitzki just having signed a deal to finish his career with the team that gave him his big break (and that he's stuck with through thick and thin) really makes me want to see the Mavs win, if for no other reason.

Jeff V said...

It has to be karma that LeBron can have a triple double and still have his game questioned afterwards. Whether the Heat win this series may now hinge on Wade's hip. We shall see!