Sunday, July 10, 2011

Do You Believe In Miracles?

And that, folks, is why you never give up in sports. You never stop hoping, you never stop watching, and most importantly, you never stop playing - because you just don't know what might happen.

There was simply no way that the United States could win this game - down a goal, down a player and well into the stoppage minutes of extra time.

And then, a miracle. A perfect assist from Megan Rapinoe, and a perfect header into goal by Abby Wambach. PKs.

And after having a stop taken away from her earlier in the game, you just knew that that this one was going to come down to Hope Solo. And she didn't disappoint, with a save to seal the deal for a most unlikely U.S. victory.

The clips will be shown for a long as people watch and coach games. Never give up - always do your best - always play until the final horn.

Because you just never know when a miracle might fall into your lap.

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Steph said...

My throat was sore from screaming!