Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brain/Body Dialogue

The last time I went running was last Monday, and predictably the brain is starting to scream at the body, "get your ass out there and run!"

To which the body replies, quite understandably, "Hey brain, you wanna STFU? Remember last Wednesday, the anesthesia, the surgery, the pain, the struggle getting up and down the stairs the past few days?"

According to the doctor, it will be at least another week. Right now I'm skeptical, which means there are lots of brain/body dialogues to look forward to.

Speaking of running, every now and then when I'm out on my path, I see this guy running without shoes. And fast...a heck of a lot faster than I've ever gone in my life. And he always seems to have this serene look on his face, like he's reached some higher plane or something.

Which is all well and good, but...running without shoes? WTF is up with that? Why would you even want to do that? Abebe Bikila in the 1960 marathon is one thing...but hey, he grew up running without shoes, in Ethiopia. Suburban Elk Grove? Not quite the same thing.

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