Saturday, August 13, 2011


I watch my fair share of golf on TV (and for me, "fair share" means a lot more than anyone you might consider normal), but I've probably seen less of this year's major championships than ever before. It was mostly a quirk of scheduling - during Masters weekend I was attending a conference, the U.S. Open is always tough because it falls on Fathers Day weekend, and the Open Championship coincided with a weekend trip to San Francisco.

Not so with the PGA Championship - convalescing from a "minor" surgical procedure (although I'm beginning to think that any time your body is sliced open, it's not "minor"), I haven't been able to do much but sit (or lay) around and watch golf on TV, so for the past couple of days it's pretty much been all PGA, all the time.

Because of its August date and accompanying weather, there's always something brutal about the PGA, especially when its held in a city like Atlanta (Johns Creek, to be precise) on a course like the Atlanta Athletic Club (the Highlands course, to be precise). The course is not without its own history, having served as the home course for the legendary Bobby Jones, but it's not what you'd call your classic "character course," at least not in comparison to places like Augusta and Royal St. George's (or next year's site, The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island). It's long, it's brutal, and after two days it seems to be playing more like a U.S. Open course than this year's U.S. Open Course, Congressional, did.

Right now the leaders are two guys named Bradley (Keegan) and Dufner (Jason), and that's the other thing about the PGA - it seems like at some point during the week, you're always going to have guys like Bradley and Dufner leading the tournament. At this point, with the leaderboard bunched up the way it is, one would be crazy to try and pick a winner, but what the heck - I'll go out on a (short) limb and pick Adam Scott, fresh from his victory at Firestone and with the most famous caddie in the world on his bag.

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