Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Coach Is Tougher Than Your Coach

At 5-1, there seems to be little doubt that these 49ers are for real. Now, don't get me wrong - I'm not fitting myself for a fake Super Bowl ring yet. But in the NFC West, it doesn't take much to make the playoffs, and the Niners appear to be getting stronger every week. Today they faced their toughest test of the season, facing the undefeated Lions at frenzied Ford Field, and prevailed with a late touchdown (on a beautiful throw by Alex Smith on 4th down) on a day that will be remembered more for its toughness than its beautiful football.

And of course, for the scuffle between the coaches after the game. Silliness on both sides, if you ask me. Jim Harbaugh is one of those guys that you love when he's on your team (like now) and hate when he's not (like last year, when he was at Stanford), but he could tone down the end-of-game enthusiasm a bit, at least until he gets off the field. On the other hand, Jim Schwartz just looked like a weenie for his little pout-fest, taking offense at Harbaugh's exuberance and "hard handshake." My guess is that he's feeling a little foolish right about now. And if he isn't he should be.

As well as he's played so far this year, the Niner's weak link still seems to be Alex Smith. That interception he threw in the third quarter was a horrible, horrible throw, and at a time when the team was really poised to put the game away. But he didn't give up, and that really was an amazing throw for the winning touchdown. And that describes this year's Niners to a T - they don't give up, and they put in more effort than the other guy. And as long as they keep that up, good things should keep happening.

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