Sunday, November 06, 2011

Friday Night Lights 2011

With son #2 set to graduate next May, this will be the last Pleasant Grove football season we get to enjoy as the parents of a member of the band. If you'd told me six years ago that it would be this much fun, I probably would have laughed in your face. But it's been great, although watching a winner is always fun.

Considering that PG only opened its doors in the Fall of 2005 (with just two classes), the rise of the football team to prominence in the area is pretty amazing. Consider the last five seasons:

2007 - 9-1 regular season, one victory in the playoffs

2008 - 8-2 regular season, three victories in the playoffs, lost section championship final

2009 - 7-3 regular season, two victories in the playoffs

2010 - 9-1 regular season, four victories in the playoffs, won section championship (Division I)

2011 - 9-1 regular season, top seed in Division I playoffs

This season, the Eagles have won games by the score of 77-7, 63-14, 58-7, 48-10, and 63-3. Right now it appears that the only thing that could stop them would be injuries; they've lost a lot of good players this year.

This picture was taken from the field during halftime of the game against Folsom, when the parents of the senior band members were introduced to the crowd. A fun night, and the best game of the year - a 48-34 win over our biggest rival (and a team that won a state championship just a year ago).

Go Eagles!

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