Wednesday, November 02, 2011


There's a show on Bravo called "Work of Art/Next Great Artist" which is almost exactly like "Top Chef" except, instead of chefs, the contestants are artists. It's almost a full-proof format, but the show is less successful, mostly because - in my perhaps less than humble opinion - taste in art is way more subjective than taste in food. Plus, the judges are way less entertaining.

But, the show does have something going for it - one of the remaining contestants is named "Sucklord." It's hard to imagine a "Chef Sucklord," but somehow it works perfectly for an artist.

You just gotta root for a guy who calls himself "Sucklord." I'm guessing that if George Lucas ever decides to make the next Star Wars trilogy, we'll be treated to a "Darth Sucklord."

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Andrea said...

I agree. I did see most of last year's show. How do you do judge a graphic artist, against a performance artist and a fine artist? I thought the cast was pretty entertaining last year, I don't think I'll watch, I can't add another show. Actually, I watched this in the summer on a marathon weekend.