Thursday, February 02, 2012

But I Don't Want to Talk About China Grove

I think I mentioned a couple of months ago that the tape player in my car gave up the ghost, leaving the radio as the only remaining option. I spend most of my time going back and forth between two stations, one that plays "oldies" and the other that plays new stuff, and sometimes reaches back a little further than that. I start with the oldies in the morning to get the traffic report, and then start switching back and forth when one of the stations starts to annoy me. Which happens quite a bit.

The worst thing about the "oldies" station is that its definition of "oldies" is ridiculously limited. I mean, come on - you're mining close to three decades of material here, and I have to listen to "China Grove" by the Doobie Brothers on three consecutive days? I enjoyed the Doobies as much as anyone in the early 1970s, but jeez - they did record some other songs.

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