Monday, February 13, 2012

Declawing A Tiger

Yesterday, I noted the possibility that the Phil vs. Tiger duel could end up on the list of 2012 memorable sports moments. And it did, although not for the reason that I (or anyone else, probably) had imagined.

It was a massacre of epic proportions, with Phil playing one of the best rounds of his career on a storied course and Tiger displaying the inconsistency that has plagued him since right around the PGA Championship in 2009. Actually, Tiger was worse than inconsistent - he was downright putrid, especially on the greens. And here I was all set to predict that he would win a major this year. It could still happen, but first he'll have to learn again how to string four strong rounds together (sing that to the tune of "Four Strong Winds").

The stat of the day was provided by Nick Faldo, who brought to our attention the fact that, had yesterday been match play, Mickelson would have defeated Woods 7 and 5. And that, folks, is pretty darn embarrassing.

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