Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oscar Wrapup

I suppose I should say a few words about the Oscars, since I went to the trouble of posting my predictions. I finished 16/24, which in our family contest was only good enough for 2nd place. The difference between me and the winner (my mom, natch) was the Actor and Actress categories. She correctly picked the winners, whereas I went with Viola Davis and George Clooney.

I've read some very funny criticism of the show, but I thought it was alright. Sure, Billy Crystal is old-fashioned and he did the same shtick he's always done, but I laughed enough to label it a success.

Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention, but I can't even think of a speech memorable enough to comment on. Angelina Jolie's thing with her leg was pretty funny, and it was cool to see 1/2 of Flight of the Conchords take home an Oscar.

I voted for "The Artist," but I would have been happier to see "Hugo" win. But it's not often that my favorite movie of the year takes home the big prize.

So, next year...Neil Patrick Harris and Justin Timberlake as co-hosts? Anyone with me on that one?

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