Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Year In Sports, So Far

One of the things I told myself that I would do this year is keep a running tab of 2012's most memorable sports moments. Since we're into mid-February, I suppose it's time to get cracking on that before too much time slips away.

- The Super Bowl has to be included, as it should be any year when it is a great game. And the game's most indelible moment, the Eli Manning to Mario Manningham throw-and-catch, is one of those highlights that we will see for the rest of our lives. I distinctly recall when Manning threw that ball thinking that it was going to be out of bounds by at least five yards. Shows you what I know. And the catch? Much better than the Tyree miracle from the game 4 years ago. Where that one was a fluke, this one was a bonafide miracle, a "real" catch made under the most trying circumstances imaginable.

- The epic Australian Open battles between Nadal-Federer and Djokovic-Nadal must be included. I've added that tournament to my personal bucket list, because I can think of no better way to spend January than watching some great tennis in the middle of summer.

- And last but certainly not least, I'm adding Kyle Stanley's PGA win at Phoenix to the list. As golf fans know, Stanley suffered a meltdown of Van de Veldian proportions the week prior, to let a 3-stroke lead slip away on the final hole. Something like that could end the career of a lesser man, but all Stanley did was go out and win the next week. Impressive. Most impressive.

Have I forgotten anything? Perhaps today's Tiger vs. Phil battle at Pebble Beach will join the list.

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