Tuesday, March 06, 2012


On my drive home from work, I drive past a golf course that is hard on I-5. There's a big sign at one corner of the course that you can easily see from the freeway, and it's usually about a month out of date. So if you drive by in, say, mid-August, you're likely to see what the July 4 special promotion was. You can almost imagine the conversations that go on when it's time for the sign to be changed:

"What, you want me to walk all the way out there? It's hot, man!"

"Well, hell, I'm not going out there...someone overhitting the second green might bean me!"

For over a month now, what the sign has had to say has been my all-time favorite:

"Special Valentine's Day Dinner - 2 for $25."

Let's think about that for a minute.

First of all, how many people - men or women - were clamoring on Valentine's Day to go have dinner at a golf course?

Second, you can't help wondering exactly what you would have gotten for your $25. And I know for a fact that it didn't include a bucket of range balls, because this particular course doesn't even have a driving range.

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