Sunday, March 04, 2012

Seven Song Perfect Playlist - Second Annual Jack Gallagher Edition

We had the great pleasure last night of attending "The Joke's On Me 3.0," Jack Gallagher's third annual show of stories and music.

Anyone who has flown into Sacramento's Terminal A is familiar with Gallagher, whether they realize it or not - his is the wry voice that you hear warning you not to leave your car out on the curb, or leave your luggage unattended. If you're a devotee of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," you've also seen him in a recurring role as Larry's doctor. I met him via his wife Jean, with whom I worked during my seven years at CSBA (I'll be eternally grateful to Jean for introducing me to the Drive-By Truckers, and a wealth of other great music). I'm pretty sure (actually I'm quite certain) that Jack is the only person I've ever known who's appeared on Carson, Leno and Conan.

Last night's show was great, just like the year before. And so in honor of a great show, here's a special seven song perfect playlist consisting of songs that Jack and the band tackled last night.

And a special request from the audience, in honor of Davy Jones:

If 4.0 comes around this time next year, be sure to see it - you won't be disappointed!

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