Sunday, April 01, 2012


And with this final bow from the company, we wrapped up what is either our 24th or 25th year as season ticket holders for the Sacramento Ballet.

They always close their regular season with "Modern Masters," a show devoted to (in the words of the dancers themselves, in a Q and A following the performance) works that are more physical, which some might read as "more fun" than the classic repertory. The final dance of the season fit that bill perfectly - "Fluctuating Hemlines," which over the years has become a crowd favorite and is one of the few pieces that the company performs accompanied by live music (in this case, all percussion).

Last night's show was held at the 850-seat theater (Stage 1) at Folsom Lake College, and provided an intimacy that is hard to achieve in the somewhat more cavernous Community Center Theater. It's too bad that Sacramento doesn't have a like venue downtown that could serve as the dancers' home.

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