Thursday, June 07, 2012

Game 6

I can't remember another year when both Conference Finals were turned on their head in the span of a week the way that it's happened this year.  A week ago, you could have gotten some pretty good odds betting on the Thunder and the Celtics, and now the former will be playing for the championship and the latter just might be joining them in the Finals tonight.

Meanwhile, the melodrama otherwise known as the Miami Heat has reached new levels of absurdity this year.  Forget all those ads on TNT for the new "Dallas," this series has all the drama you need.  There seems little doubt at this juncture that Erik Spoelstra will be coaching for his job tonight, but one has to wonder whether his men have the mental mettle to pull one out in territory as hostile as can possibly be imagined.  The Heat made the mistake of thinking that they could win a title without earning it, and Dallas last year and possibly the Celtics this year are teaching them a painful and difficult lesson.

And even if they do survive this Boston series, will they be able to match the surging Thunder, who have already proven that they're not intimidated by Hall of Fame talent? 

But that's getting ahead of ourselves.  Miami will be playing desperation basketball tonight, and we may witness a level of intensity that we've never seen before, but it says here that - bouyed by the crowd and their remarkable road win on Tuesday -the Celtics will win to set up a Final that seemed unthinkable just a week ago.

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