Sunday, July 15, 2012

95 Songs of Summer, #26 - "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)"(1972)

Oh my, would you look at that hair.  Would you look at that shirt.  You see something like that and you ask yourself, "was there really a time when a dude would think he looked cool by wearing his shirt like that?"

Apparently so, and that time was the early 1970s.  We head back to the summer of 1972 for this one, the song that battled "Alone Again (Naturally)" all summer for supremacy of the airwaves.  And trust me, they still play this one all the time on oldies radio.  I know, because I listen to an oldies station on part of my drive into work every morning, because it's the only music station that includes a traffic report in its repertoire.  And I've heard "Brandy" quite a bit.  It's held up reasonably well, so I hope the boys in Looking Glass had a decent enough contract that they have benefited from 40 years of pretty solid airplay.

"Brandy," Looking Glass, from the summer of 1972.

Coming tomorrow: a special "95 Songs" post from one of my blogging friends.

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le0pard13 said...

My summer after high school graduation had this song on the airwaves. I remember it well, and fondly.