Monday, July 30, 2012

95 Songs of Summer, #41 - "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine"

As a singer, Lou Rawls is someone that I would put in a category along with someone like Tom Jones.  Perhaps not Hall of Fame material, but certainly an enormous talent - well qualified for the "Hall of the Very Good," if there was such a thing.  Early on, he worked with the legendary Sam Cooke, and that is his voice you hear singing with Sam on "Bring It On Home to Me."  No less an authority than Frank Sinatra once said that Rawls had "the silkiest chops in the singing game," so clearly he was no Johnny-come-lately.

This song was, as it deserved to be, his biggest hit.  Written by Gamble and Huff, the great songwriting and producing team, "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" played perfectly to Rawls' strengths, and he came through with an entirely convincing, muscular performance. 

Lou Rawls, "You'll Never Find Another Love LIke Mine," from the summer of 1976.

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