Friday, August 03, 2012

95 Songs of Summer, #45 - "Three Times a Lady" (1978)

Say what you will about Lionel Richie, but there seems little doubt that he took the notion of "well-crafted, just teetering on the brink of sappiness" love song about as far as one artist could.  I could be wrong about this, but if it were not for Prince and Bruce Springsteen, I think Richie's "Can't Slow Down" would have been the most popular album of 1984.  And just this year, he's had another huge hit, re-recording his biggest hits in country-tinged arrangements.  So obviously, there's more there in Mr. Richie than just your typical pop schlock-meister.

Personally, my favorite composition of Richie's is "Lady," which became a huge hit for Kenny Rogers.  But "Three Times a Lady," released in 1978 when Richie was still a member of the Commodores, is a close second.  It is a beautiful song, exquisitely arranged and sung by Richie.  It still sounds good today, and I'm sure brings substantial royalties into the pocketbook of Mr. Richie - as it should.

"Three Times a Lady," Commodores, from the summer of 1978.

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Better Next Year said...

Loved it the first 20 times I heard this song; bored and impatient the next 200 times; now I'm just sick and tired of this completely worthy Lionel classic.