Sunday, September 30, 2012


Well, I guess the moral of the story is that you don't want to head into the Sunday singles matches with a 10-6 lead.  That almost guarantees that you will lose.

Random and immediate thoughts:

- How important was Europe winning those last two matches yesterday?  Even if the U.S. can scratch out 1/2 point in those two, they probably get to keep the Cup on this side of the pond.

- How bad was our play at 17 and 18 today?  Well, watching it live it didn't feel that our guys played that badly, but the bottom line is that they didn't play well enough to win, and they'll have that hanging over their heads for a long time.

- Justin Rose's comeback against Mickelson was probably the epic moment of the day.  Mickelson didn't lose that match; Rose went out and snatched it away from him.  Magnificent play on the final two holes.

- Davis Love will be answering a lot of questions tonight and in the days to come about his captain's picks - both of whom he backloaded today and both of him faded in the stretch to, let's face it, give the Cup to Europe.

- Tiger Woods wins 1/2 point - adding to what will surely be the most negative [golf-related] component on his vita when they get to considering his career.

Certainly a deflating day in the history of U.S. Ryder Cup golf - folding in front of what was certainly the most rabid pro-U.S. crowd in the history of the event.

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