Friday, October 12, 2012

American Top 40 Flashback - "Miracles"

Before Jefferson Starship turned into Mickey Thomas, Grace Slick and a bunch of sidemen, they were a very interesting band.  You had Paul Kanter, you had Marty Balin, you even had Papa John Creach, and for good measure you had a very young Craig Chaquico, who at the time appeared to be a potential guitar hero along the lines of a Clapton (or at least a Mark Knopfler).

"Red Octopus" was their best album by far, and "Miracles" became a surprise smash for the band.  It's not the sort of thing you often heard on AM radio - for one thing, it was long, although if memory serves there was a radio edit.  It wasn't a particularly flashy song; it seemed to be built for the kind of FM station that played a wide diversity of music with a mellow-sounding DJ who just might, at any given moment, have been stoned out of his mind.

I own this album on vinyl only, and it has held up well - especially this song.

"Miracles," Jefferson Starship, #1 during the month of October 1975.

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