Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Giant Karma

I like to think of myself as a faithful fan, but even I have to admit that, down 3-1 and with Barry Zito scheduled to pitch Game 5 on the road, my faith was sorely tested.  I wasn't nervous at all when that game began (or even as it transpired), and I think that was mostly because I'd already resigned myself to the Giants' losing. 

There's really nothing to add to the Zito saga as a Giant that hasn't already been said.  For years, Zito has been the Giants' highest paid pitcher, but he's never come close to being the Giants best pitcher.  Most of the time, his performance has been inadequate, to the point where he wasn't even named to the postseason roster for the magical ride of 2010.  When he's on, and that curve ball is working, there are few pitchers who are more fun to watch.  As a Giant, that's happened no more than 2 or 3 times a season.

Zito was much better this year, and his performance in Game 5 will long be remembered by Giants fans, no matter what else happens from here on out.  He got them back in the NCLS, and once the series returned to San Francisco, it was as if the Cardinals had decided that there was no further point in competing.  Along the way, a lot of strange stuff happened, like Hunter Pence's already famous "hit the ball three times on the same swing" double.  Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci called it "karma."

So now, we head into a World Series that we may have no business winning.  The Tigers are rested, and they have the best pitcher on the planet, who will be starting at least two games in the series.  The Giants' rotation is totally out of whack, and it appears we will see something on Wednesday night that was unthinkable just a week or so ago - Barry Zito as the starting pitcher in Game 1 of the World Series.  Chew on that one for a moment.

It would not shock me if the Giants head back to Detroit down 2-0.  If that happens, then we've got them exactly where we want them.

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