Sunday, January 06, 2013

Divisional Round Predictions

Might as well get on the record early:

New England 38, Houston 21
Denver 30, Baltimore 17
Seattle 27, Atlanta 10
San Francisco 31, Green Bay 28

Houston didn't do much to impress me yesterday, and it's hard to imagine New England losing one at home, not with Tom Brady at the helm.

Frankly, I'm so tired of Ray Lewis at this stage of his career that I'd be predicting a victory for any team that was playing the Ravens next week.  The Broncos had the foundation for a great team last year, and you know, this guy Manning can play a little.

My gut tells me that Seattle is going to run the table.  I was a little surprised when they fell behind 14-0 today, but after that, they made it look fairly easy.  And I hope that RGIII fully recovers, and I hope the Redskins organization is embarrassed about that field.

And then, the 49ers.  At this point, I don't know what to predict.  Can Colin Kaepernick really take the team all the way?  Is Frank Gore healthy?  Is Justin Smith healthy?  But I'll be rooting for them all the way, although I fully expect them to take the lead of that other team in San Francisco, and make it torture for everyone watching.

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