Friday, February 01, 2013

American Top 40 Flashback: Badfinger

It might be going a bit too far to call Badfinger a "legendary band," but it's not every band that gets noticed by The Beatles, records a hit penned by Paul McCartney, and goes on to become a staple of AM radio for a few years before getting caught up in the messy dissolution of Apple and gradually fading away.  Even though the band continued to work until the early 1980s, the story had really ended a long time before that, and unfortunately in tragedy with the suicide of Pete Ham.

"Day After Day" is my favorite song of theirs, mostly because it still evokes memories of one of my favorite years in school, 6th grade.  For years after that, I would run into our teacher - Mr. Zarzana (we called ourselves "Zarzana's Zombies") - and he confirmed that it was a special class for him as well, because it was the last year he was a classroom teacher before moving up into the administrative ranks.  There are a couple of people from that class who are my Facebook friends today, and even though I haven't seen most of them in years, I'm pretty sure I could go through our class photo and remember every name, and something about every kid in that class.

"Day After Day," Badfinger, at the top of the charts in January and February of 1972.

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