Sunday, February 03, 2013

Second Half

5:29 - let's see if we can change the karma by starting a new post.

Nice job by Beyonce...nice Jeep commercial with Oprah.

5:31 - Apparently not...time to eat!

6:07 - Well, that was fun.

6:25 - Don't count us out yet.  Need some breaks on defense and we just might be able to get back into this one.

7:00 - Holy crap.  That was big to hold the Ravens to a FG right there.  Lot of game to play.

7:06 - TORTURE

7:22 - Setting up for quite a finish.  If Kaepernick can pull this off, it may be time for Joe and Steve to make room on the legends shelf.

7:46 - Well, fudge.

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