Sunday, July 28, 2013

95 More Songs of Summer - "Jive Talkin'"

The school year in most districts nowadays isn't what it used to be, as year-round and modified calendars have made the traditional "day after Labor Day start" a thing of the past.  But for those of you who can remember the old days, we're now at the point of summer when you would begin to realize that summer vacation was past its halfway point, and - horrors! - you'd start to see ads on TV for the new Fall shows (something else that's a thing of the past, with shows now starting at all times of the year).  The dreaded words "back to school" were creeping up, ever so closer.

I heard this song not long ago on the oldies station I was listening to in the morning until they discontinued their morning traffic reports (and to be fair, I got a new car with a CD player and that was iPod-ready).  When it comes to old Bee Gees hits, you mostly hear the stuff from Saturday Night Fever, as if the rest of their career never happened.  This was their first foray into that new dance craze called Disco, and it was better than I remembered it to be.  Not the greatest song in the world, or even the greatest song they ever did, but not a bad way to keep yourself occupied on a summer day too hot to foray outside.

"Jive Talkin'," Bee Gees, from the summer of 1975.

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