Monday, September 16, 2013

Well, that went fast...

After seven years of writing this blog, you'd think that I would have learned to avoid making any promises associated with things that are "coming soon."  But that would be too easy, right?

This time, it was the end of the legislative session that conspired to prevent me from focusing on extra-curricular (but essential, I would argue) activities such as this.  I'd forgotten exactly how difficult, frustrating and time-consuming the final weeks and days of the session can be, and in that regard 2013 went a solid three-for-three.  Bills rising from the dead, new bills resulting from the infamous practice of "gut-and-amend," and bills generally sucking up a lot more time than any reasonable person might expect.  But hey, it's the job.

So the plan to spend a few days offering tributes to Warren Zevon and Johnny Cash went by the wayside, and given where we find ourselves on the calendar, the 95 More Songs of Summer project seems to have run its course.  Luckily the next couple of months will be a little more manageable (he said confidently), and I'm hoping to throw some things up here that people might find of interest.

For those few who have stuck around and check in, I thank you!

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le0pard13 said...

We'll be here waiting. Jeff.