Thursday, January 02, 2014

Rose Bowl

A couple of quick thoughts:

- We definitely saw Stanford's weakness exposed yesterday - the total lack of an intermediate passing game.  Either that, or Stanford's coaching staff is unable to make the appropriate adjustments when playing a team that matches up with them perfectly, strength vs. strength.  There aren't a lot of ways to explain the Cardinal's play calling in the second half, unless they just don't have that option to go to.  And if they did, that was some horrible play calling.

- For anyone who thinks a four-team playoff is going to resolve controversy over crowning a champion, ask yourself two questions:

1. Can Michigan State play with any team in the country right now?  Obviously, yes.

2. Would Michigan State have been one of the four teams in a playoff, had the new system begun this year?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.   Either way, there would have been a lot of screaming.

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